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Our Feed Yards

Grandview has three feed yards. Grandview North, Grandview South and Grandview Riverside. The North Lot and South Lot are located near Nobleford town, opposite sides of the highway from each other. Our Riverside Lot is just south of Picture Butte town.

The three yards are overseen by Curtis, Shawn and Travis with the daily management carried out by each foreman.

While we apply clear and high company standards at all our yards, they still operate slightly different from one another and are unique to their own team. This is largely attributed to the size of the yards and differing team dynamics.

Our fundamental goal; 

To create a team that enjoys what they do and where they do it while producing top quality beef. 

    Grandview North

aerial north.JPG

The North Lot was the latest of Grandview's feed yards to be built, the third location for Grandview Cattle. Built in 1997. This is the largest of Grandview's three feed yards. 
Our main workshop is also located at this lot where our mechanic repairs and services all our equipment and vehicles.

     Grandview South

aerial south.JPG

John Jr. started his expansion of Grandview with the South Lot, built in 1993. At the time it was in addition to our Riverside yard. This yard is the second largest of our feed yards. 
We operate most of our farm activities from this yard.

  Grandview Riverside

Grandview Riverside Lot.webp

Founded in 1962 as Vander Heyden Ranches Ltd., John Vander Heyden Sr. first purchased the land south of the town of Picture Butte, where he built and managed the feedlot known today as Grandview Riverside.
Grandview's main office is based at this yard.

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