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Our Cattle

Upon the arrival of our livestock each animal is individually identified and their health and nutritional history is recorded. Each animal's record is updated throughout their duration at Grandview.
Controls are implemented on a daily basis to monitor Grandview's production quality.  Grandview strives to operate with high company standards and animal welfare is our top priority.

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Animal Health and Nutrition

Grandview expects that all feedlot, health, provincial and federal regulations are in compliance, and that we adhere to our consulting veterinarian's health and handling procedures and protocols, guaranteeing the well-being of our cattle. Grandview works closely with Alberta Beef Health Solutions veterinarians.

Our production processes go beyond the standards of Canada's verified on-farm food safety program, "Verified Beef Production (VBP)", in which we are verified in policies including traceability, animal health and handling, source and age confirmation, food safety and environmental conservation. Grandview is also a proud implementer of the PAACO Certified Canadian Feedlot Animal Assessment Program at all of our feed yards.

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