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Leadership - Our Foundation for Success

Grandview Cattle Feeders is a family-owned and managed venture, where we strive to uphold the utmost working environment. As such, our team members are trained and work alongside the management group and consulting veterinarian to ensure all processes are completed in a safe, efficient and friendly manner.


Our management policies reinforce our dedication to deliver the best results to each supplier, consultant, competitor, customer and employee. We are committed to challenge all involved to continually learn and lead by example, and to ensure integrity, honesty and respect are displayed on a daily basis. Teamwork defines the Grandview culture!

Grandview’s modern facilities include indoor health and processing quarters with up-to-date chute-side feedlot management and nutritional software systems. Consulting nutritionists and veterinarians support herd health and export practices, allowing the us to maintain our competitive advantage.


Performance is monitored on a daily basis to confirm all feedlot, health, provincial and federal regulations are in compliance. We commit to providing well maintained facilities and adequate training to ensure that all working conditions remain at an exceptional level.

Work Environment

Grandview understands and demonstrates the need for workplace diversity, and are devoted to continue building our dynamic team, respecting the distinct perspectives and talents of each employee. To help create and maintain our welcoming and accessible workplace, Grandview works alongside the Mosaic Canadian Immigration Consulting and Agricultural Employment groups to bring the valued help of those with different educational, cultural and life experiences to Southern Alberta.


With the core value of maintaining a positive work/life balance, Grandview cherishes the importance of family and quality time amongst its coworkers. Our contagious enthusiasm and sincere friendships enrich the enjoyable and family-like environment, both on and off the clock.


While our leadership team is accountable for supporting our community culture within the workplace, everyone is responsible for shaping it, beginning with each employee.

Family Culture