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A Future with Grandview Cattle Feeders

At Grandview, we sincerely believe that our employees are our most valued asset! With our goal to uphold the utmost working environment within the industry, we continuously train and work alongside our team members, managerial group and consulting veterinarian to ensure all process are completed in a safe, efficient and friendly manner, where teamwork defines our daily culture! With our core value of maintaining a positive work/life balance, Grandview cherishes the importance of family and quality time amongst coworkers. Our contagious enthusiasm and sincere friendships enrich the enjoyable and family-like environment, both on and off the clock.


We are always looking to expand our team! Grandview offers competitive work packages to its employees, and works closely with the Mosaic Canadian Immigration Consulting and Agricultural Employment groups to bring the esteemed help of those with different educational, cultural and life experiences to Southern Alberta from around the world.



                   We would love to work with you!

Farming Personnel

With the long hours spent watching and nuturing the crops as they grow over the prairies, it is no doubt that this career choice is made for someone who is in touch with nature! As Grandview silages its own corn and barley for cattle feed, personnel in this field are very important, and must work together as a team to raise the best crops in an efficient and environmentally sound fashion - from completing ground work, to seeding and providing crop maintenance, to harvesting at season-end.

Feedlot Personnel

Working on the feedlot is ideal for those who crave a fast-paced, ever changing daily routine whilst spending their time outdoors. From riding horses and operating heavy equipment, to feeding, treating and working with cattle, to building and repairing equipment, the feedlot personnel are always actively engaged.

Shop Personnel

Grandview's shop personnel have the important task of maintaining our trucks and other equipment in safe and efficient working condition. A choice in this career path is perfect for those who enjoy repairing, welding and building equipment in an engaging, yet easy-going atmosphere.

Office Administration

Undoubtedly, the hard work and energetic personas of the administration team does not go unnoticed! From greeting guests and answering phones to maintaining bookwork and paybles, our Office Management, Feedlot and Accounting personnel are what keep Grandview running smoothly.

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