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Pen Checker/Rider
General Labor

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While our leadership team is accountable for supporting our community culture within the workplace, everyone is responsible for shaping it, beginning with each employee.

Pen Checkers

Our Pen Checkers, or otherwise known as Pen Riders, proactively monitor our livestock. Daily, they saddle up to ride our pens to care for our cattle.
Their keen eyes, skill and knowledge ensure the health of our herd. Day to day they make our animals well being their top priority, making sure the care of our cattle is maintained to Grandview's high standards. Their role is vital in raising our livestock.


General Feedlot Workers

Our General Farm Workers are relied upon every day to carry out various duties in the barn and around the feed yard. Our general workers are an integral part of ensuring smooth operations. They can be found anywhere and everywhere in the facility, from the fields we work, to the barn, feed yard and can often be found in one of our various machines. They carry out some of the many tasks required on a daily basis to operate our facilities.


Feed Truck Drivers

The ultimate activity of our operations! Our cattle look for our feed truck drivers every morning, patiently waiting their arrival. Our drivers commitment is obvious in our success.
The feed trucks can be found traveling around the yard all day feeding our animals. Within this role comes the responsibility of getting to know our animals and what rations they require for optimum results in cattle feeding.

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Farm/Field Workers

Our farm workers are the backbone of the commodity growing aspect of our business. They are at home in our fields and diligently work to produce high quality feed for our cattle. Off season, they maintain and care for all our farm machinery and ensure it is all ready for our next season. Their dedication is obvious, as they work long days necessary in our seeding and harvesting times. 
We also recognize the role played by our seasonal workers, most of whom return to us year after year.


Feedlot Foreman

Our foremen manage the day to day operations on their respective feed yards. They ensure the success of our company's performance goals and that animal health standards are in line with our company standards. They can be found any where around the feed yard as they train, supervise, oversee and monitor all work carried out .
They know our practices, identify improvements and create and manage teams that we rely upon everyday. How our yards function day to day is thanks to our foremen and their team, fundamentally the foundation to our success.

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Feedlot Assistant Foreman

For every great leader we require assistants to support them. Our assistant foremen aid our foremen on a daily basis with the day to day operations. An essential part of the team.
Ultimately they are capable of all farm duties required on our feed yards. They can be found carrying out  and assisting any and all jobs around the yard. In the absence of the foreman our assistant foreman assumes the management role for day to day tasks.

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Grandview ensures thorough training in the safe operation of all equipment and machinery for all employees. Training is regularly maintained and reviewed. Comprehensive training is performed in animal handling using 'Low Stress Handling' methods. We have clear protocols that guarantee training is adequate, up to date and applicable to our operations.

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