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Cattle Feeding and Farming

Grandview Cattle Feeders is a family-owned and managed venture, that has been in the cattle feeding and farming industry for over 50 years. Together, John Vander Heyden and his children oversee the operations of the company, whose main focus is to feed Western Canadian feeder cattle to their optimal maturity, where they are destined for slaughter at local and international processing facilities. Grandview exercises its feeding practices at its three company-owned feed yards, Grandview North, Grandview South and Grandview Riverside, as well as at custom feed yards throughout Southern Alberta, working alongside of renowned veterninary and nutritional consultants on a daily basis. All activities completed at the Grandview locations are accomplished in-house, with the main office located at its Home Lot in Picture Butte. 


In order to support our cattle feeding efforts, Grandview owns and farms over 5,300 acres of cultivated dry and irrigated land, where commodities such as corn, barley, and other specialties are grown. Grandview also owns over 1,300 acres of ranchland where cattle are able to graze. To optimize the yield of the crops and native plant growth on Grandview property, we apply manure as a natural form of fertilization. Grandview recognizes the environmental impacts that the industry has on the global community and we farm our land in a high regard for its preservation and sustainability. We continually take into account the water systems that are in contact with our operations.  


At Grandview, we sincerley believe that our employees are our most valued asset. We are always looking to expand our team, offering competitive work packages for both seasonal and year-round positions.

We would love to work with you!

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