- The Vander Heyden Family -

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Travis, John, Brenda, Ashlyn, Shawn, Curtis

Founded in 1962, Grandview Cattle Feeders is a family-owned and managed venture, that has been in the agriculture, and agriculture-related industries, for over 50 years. While John oversees all company operations, he enjoys working alongside of his children, whom share the same passion for the cattle feeding and farming industry as their father. Together, they manage the company's operations comprised of three feed yards, 1,300 acres of ranchland/grazeland, and 5,000 acres of cultivated land, where commodities such as corn, barley, and other specialties are grown.


With strong family values and a hard-working demeanor, Grandview Cattle Feeders continues to grow as a team, dedicated to providing the best possible performance.

A Family Operation - Where Our Story Begins