- History -  

Founded in 1962 as Vander Heyden Ranches Ltd., John Vander Heyden Sr. first purchased the land south of the town of Picture Butte, where he built and managed the feedlot known today as Grandview Riverside. Raising his family on the farm, John Sr. immersed his 3 sons, Peter, John Jr. and Robert, into the cattle feeding and farming industry at a young age, as a substantial amount of thier childhood hours were spent helping their father to complete the farm's daily work.  


After returning from Old's College and becoming more actively involved in the business, John Jr. purchased the Riverside Lot from his father in 1989, and increased its capacity to that of its current operational ability. John further developed his entrepreneurial skills and began to pursue his vision of expanding the company to include Grandview South, built in 1993, and Grandview North, built in 1997. Grandview Cattle Feeders Ltd. was incorporated in 2006.


AJohn raised his family on the farm, his children all gained an early education and appreciation for the cattle feeding and farming industry. Their involvement in Grandview continually grew with each development within the company, and by 1998, the kids could all be found working alongside their father in their free time. Within the course of the next 14 years to follow, they took on more responsibilites within the organization, gaining the experience needed for the managerial roles they attain today. 


Grandview remains a family-owned and operated venture, working towards the goal of being the leading producer of the Canadian Beef industry, while growing as a team and operating with standards of the highest quality.