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With Grandview's vision of being the leading producer of the Candian Beef industry, our key focus is to ensure our cattle are healthy, well-fed, handled humanely and harboured comfortably, resulting in the safe and utmost quality beef produced for our domestic and international customers.

Upon the arrival of the livestock to any of the Grandview feedyards, each animal is individually identified and their health and nutritional history is recorded in our feedlot managment and nutrition software programs. Each animal's record is updated throughout their duration at Grandview, until they are exported for slaughter. 


Grandview expects that all feedlot, health, provincial and federal regulations are in compliance, and that we adhere to our consulting veterinarian's health and handling procedures and protocols, guaranteeing the unconditonal well-being of our cattle. Our production processes go beyond the standards of Canada's verified on-farm food safety program, "Verified Beef Production (VBP)", in which we are verified in policies including traceability, animal health and handling, source and age confirmation, food safety and environmental conservation. Grandview is also a proud implementor of the PAACO Certified Canadian Feedlot Animal Assessment Program at all of our feedyards.


Controls are implemented on a daily basis to monitor Grandview's production quality, where measures such as health, mortality, and live and carcass performance are documented and reviewed. All related procedures ensure Grandview's operations are performed at the highest standards, guaranteeing the safety of our employees and the production of a high-end product.  

Animal Health and Nutrition

Grandview works alongside of Vetereinarian, Dr. Van Donkersgoed, a highly recognized Canadian feedlot practitioner and consultant to the National and Alberta Cattle Feeders Association and Canadian Cattlemen's Association. As a researcher in epidemiology and advanced bovine medicine, Dr. Van Donkersgoed aids in the development of the cattle industry's production programs, such as "Quality Starts Here", "Verified Beef Production", and "Alberta's Environmental Farm Plan", and federal CFIA import and export programs that support international trade. Grandview applies these policies and protocols throughout our daily operations to uphold optimal herd health.


Consulting Veterinarian - Dr. Van Donkersgoed (DVM, MVS)

In order to maximize the livestock's nutritional needs, Grandview works closely with Darryl Gibb, who both developed and monitors the feeding progam implemented at our feedyards. With his experience as a Research Scientist at the Lethbridge Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Research Centre, Darryl focuses his expertise in feed procurement and formulations for beef production.


Consulting Nutritionalist - Darryl Gibb (Ph.D., M.Sc.)

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