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Left to Right: Travis, John, Brenda, Ashlyn, Shawn & Curtis

The Vander Heyden Family

A Family Operation - Where our story begins

Grandview Cattle Feeders is a family-owned and managed venture, that has been in the cattle feeding and farming industry, for over 50 years. Today Curtis, Shawn and Travis oversee all company operations. 

Although now retired, John still remains a constant base of knowledge to draw from when required. John and Brenda continue to support their sons whenever and wherever they may need it. And after years of dedication to the office administration, Ashlyn is home with her young family but also remains a valuable source of knowledge and support, always happy to help.

Curtis, Shawn and Travis, together manage the company comprised of three feed yards, ranchland/grazeland, and cultivated land, where various commodities are grown.

With strong family values and a hard-working demeanor, Grandview Cattle Feeders continues to grow as a team, dedicated to providing superior quality beef.

About Us: Our Farm

Mandy, Emerson, Addison, Tate & Curtis

About Us: Mission

Shawn, Quinn, Charlie, Rylan & Amy

About Us: Mission
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Travis, Mack & Chelsea

About Us: Mission

Riggins, Cole,

Gunner & Ashlyn

About Us: Mission
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