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Our Key Focus

As we move towards our goal of being the leading producer of the Canadian Beef Industry, Grandview will continue to grow as a team, operating with standards of the highest quality, and maintaining the ethical management of each relationship made. Our employees are the heart of Grandview, and we strive to create the utmost work environment for the happiness of our team as a whole.

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Grandview Cattle Feeders is a family-owned and managed venture, that has been in the cattle feeding and farming industry for over 50 years. Together, Curtis, Shawn and Travis oversee the operations of the company, whose main focus is to feed Western Canadian feeder cattle to their optimal maturity, where they are destined for local and international meat processing facilities. Grandview exercises its feeding practices at its three company-owned feed yards, Grandview North, Grandview South and Grandview Riverside, as well as at custom feed yards throughout Southern Alberta, working alongside of renowned veterinary and nutritional consultants on a daily basis. All activities completed at all Grandview locations are accomplished in-house, with the main office located at its Home Lot, Riverside,  in Picture Butte.

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Bringing growth, ingenuity, and experience to market


Founded in 1962 as Vander Heyden Ranches Ltd., John Vander Heyden Sr. first purchased the land south of the town of Picture Butte, where he built and managed the feedlot known today as Grandview Riverside. Being raised on the farm John Jr. learned all he knows from the cattle feeding and farming industry at a young age, a substantial amount of his childhood was spent helping his father to complete the farm's daily work.  

After returning from Old's College and becoming more actively involved in the business, John Jr. purchased the Riverside Lot from his father in 1989, and increased its capacity to that of its current operational ability. The Riverside Lot was reconstructed and has doubled in size. John further developed his entrepreneurial skills and began to pursue his vision of expanding the company to include Grandview South, built in 1993, and Grandview North, built in 1997. Grandview Cattle Feeders Ltd. was incorporated in 2006.

As John raised his family on the farm, his children all gained an early education and appreciation for the cattle feeding and farming industry. Their involvement in Grandview continually grew with each development within the company, and by 1998, the kids could all be found working alongside their father in their free time. In the years that followed they took on more responsibilities within the organization and gained the experience needed for the managerial roles they attain today.

By early 2021, Curtis, Shawn and Travis together manage and operate Grandview. Their combined knowledge and experience make them a formidable team within the cattle feeding industry. Their work ethic and ambition passed down from generation to generation.  

Grandview remains a family-owned and operated venture, working towards the goal of being the leading producer of the Canadian Beef industry, while growing as a team and operating with standards of the highest quality.


Getting Our Hands Dirty, Putting Food in Yours

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